Does a girl, or anyone for that matter, ever forget her first love? Many experience first love in high school and college during a time when everyone is getting used to seeing people leave. It’s hard at first to let something so good end, but in time, we realize at least we got to experience it. But there will always be that psycho ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend who was never able to let it go and will go to all lengths to get that person back in their lives.

In the movie Homecoming, Mike (Matt Long) leaves his small town to attend Northwestern University, where he meets his new girlfriend, Elizabeth (Jessica Stroup, “90210”). Hailing from different worlds, the two of them fall in love at first sight.

Mike decides to take Elizabeth home to meet his parents for a weekend. He takes her to a hometown football game and to hang out with some friends. But little does he know, he almost loses everything when he runs into his ex-girlfriend, Shelby (Mischa Barton), who apparently had no idea Mike moved on. She might seem like a girl who can do no harm, but you’re in for a big surprise.

Grade: B+

Homecoming releases in select theaters July 17.