When I picked up My Son’s Home, I’m not quite sure what I was expecting. Honestly, I’d never heard of the New Jersey band, Roadside Graves, so all I had to go on when I stuck it in my CD player was the cover art. And was I ever surprised.

On My Son’s Home, Roadside Graves delivers a delicate, beautiful blend of folk, alternative country, Appalachian blues and rock that is unexpected and utterly enjoyable. Admittedly, their lead singer has no vocal range, but his folksy styling and imperfect vocals like the ones on “Black Wind” are too heartfelt to find fault with. Besides, they just happen to work perfectly with the music produced by the rest of the band.

With a wide range of instruments from the mundane (both electric and acoustic guitars) to the unexpected (like hand trumpets, harmoniums, and a mellotron) to the unpronounceable (a farfisa, anyone?), every track is an aural wonder that has something to please everyone. Check out the folksy tune of “Far and Wide” and listen for the driving rock guitars or slow it down with the twangy “Anthony’s Gate,” but any way you look at it, Roadside Graves is sure to please.