Need some pump up music while joyriding with your friends? Want the hottest new singles being played consistently in clubs? Jeremih’s debut album can give you just that, unfortunately that’s pretty much where it ends.  

Yes, the songs are pretty catchy, but how could they not be when every lyric is repeated for basically half of the song? And yes, the song topics are pretty amusing, “Birthday Sex” for instance, but there really is no real content within them.  

This album is simply an explosion of provocative and suggestive, sex-crazed lyrics sung by the new more sensual version of Sean Kingston and Akon. “Let me work that body, you know just how I like it naughty, yeah we got plenty of Bacardi … a private after party, for two” is the chorus for “That Body,” one of the tracks that is “sure to be a hit.” I rest my case.