Fess up. Who here likes Incubus but is getting kind of tired of how commercial their sound is? Then let me introduce you to Benvenue.

This NorCal band has a sound like a more metal, less polished version of Incubus circa 2000 and amazingly enough, they’re definitely not Incubus 2.0 like Hoobas-tank. Benvenue seems to have a better sense of who they are, and they seem to want to take their music in a more metal direction with some post-hardcore style lyrics thrown in for good measure.

They’ve put out a good effort, with songs that range from rock out guitar show-cases (“She Did”) to slower songs to get your girlfriend hooked (“Come With Me”). Their EP would benefit from a little polishing around the edges, but this is definitely a band to keep on eye on.

Grade: A-

The Jean Elizabeth EP is available at cdbaby.com.