Mark your calendars: Aug. 2nd is National Ice Cream Sandwich Day! For those in the know, there’s only one place to honor this auspicious yearly occasion. Follow me to Westwood where a cookie mecca awaits to seduce you on the cheap. Whether it’s the 35-cent cookie you crave or the full $1.50 splurge for a sandwich, Diddy Riese (926 Broxton Ave., Westwood; will unleash your inner child on the sugar rush of its life.

Each cookie is soft, chewy and fresh. Some days, you even get them just-out-of-the-oven hot. They have mastered the art of the cookie here and happily share their gifts with the legions of rabid fans and followers that queue up daily.

Awaiting cookie assignment is Dreyer’s Ice Cream – cold, creamy and divine – they have all your favorite flavors on tap. When applied to the warm cookies you get the perfect combination of ice cream melt against cookie chill.

The gooeyness remains, but the cookie becomes slightly more al dente as the ice cream starts to gently melt in a way that demands you throw caution to the wind and lick that thing like you mean it! Eat it the way you did when you were 8 and didn’t care how gluttonous you looked!

There may be a line (usually quite long on weekends or as movies let out of the two neighboring theaters), but a heavenly hovering aroma keeps you company while you wait.

What is that celestial scent? It might be Double Chocolate White Chocolate; a dark chocolate cookie studded with chocolate and white chocolate chunks that pairs excellently with mint chip ice cream as sandwich filler. Or maybe it’s the Candy Cookie; a sugar cookie stuffed with large M&M’s-like candies that have slightly melted centers that burst with warm chocolate eruptions (so great with French vanilla).

There’s Macadamia White Chocolate, Cinnamon Sugar, Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin, a myriad of choices that all deserve your devotion and Dreyer’s Ice Cream just waiting for a cookie counterpart to make your day. It’s a $1.50 Summer Vacation for your taste buds.