Hollywood can drive people crazy, but there’s a fine line between crazy and genius that not everyone understands. That’s what happens to director Zarek Saxton in “Insanity.”

Saxton is working on a film his producers think is a slasher flick; but he has other plans. In an effort to kick him off the production, Saxton is institutionalized and put into the care of the emotionally constrained Dr. Megan Goodman. The two have three days to decide whether or not Saxton is well enough to go back to work, and they each find out a little about life and acceptance along the way.

“Insanity” is a hilarious romp through the more eccentric side of Hollywood and a heartbreaking depiction of life in a mental institution. While parts of the storyline feel slightly underdeveloped, it successfully pits the world of logic against the world of emotional creativity, showing both the absurd and the touching.

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