The Hammerheads burst onto the stage with a clean, classic punk sound. Harnessing the early days of ska, the quartet whipped the crowd into a frenzy with their fast-paced, hooky tunes.

The Hammerheads bring in a fresh sound usually only found in Chicano ska and Latin punk. They manage to keep the energy alive and aggression fluid. The mix is just right. Overall, the songs are solid, and the energy is pure. This band may just be getting their legs, but they have the tools to go the distance.

Many in the crowd came to see Anton Yelchin (Star Trek, Alpha Dog) bash his fingers into his guitar and belt out vocals. During the show, he encouraged the audience to form circle pits and get wild … and they did. During the last song security had to get in the crowd to keep things under control.

Being in Hollywood, we get exposed to the actor-turned-singer phenomenon more than most, and it’s rare that it works. For once, a Hollywood actor can do more than just pretend to be something amazing.