Norma Jean is one of the most popular scream-core bands on the scene, due in part to tireless road work since the release of their 2002 debut, Bless the Martyr and Kiss the Child. The band’s original shouter, Josh Scofin, has been replaced by Cory Brandan, who has no problem keeping up the eyeball popping, eardrum shattering vocal work that is the hallmark of Norma Jean.

The boys have gotten playful with their song titles, running two words together to come up with gems like “Liarsenic,” “Coffinspire” and “Charactarantula.” They must have spent some downtime watching “Wheel of Fortune’s” “before and after” segment because each song also has a subtitle; “Disconnecktie” is also “The Faithful Vampire” while “Pretendeavor” is also “In Reference to a Sinking Ship.” But fans needn’t worry that the excess cleverness extends to the music; Norma Jean knows that their job is to rattle skulls and they perform dutifully.

Grade: B

O’ God, the Aftermath is currently available.