Open a scant six months, Sauce on Hampton is a quaint little place just east of Main Street in Venice that offers organic healthy fare without the pretension but plenty of flavor.

When you enter Sauce, you will most likely be greeted by the energetic owner, Sassan Rostamian, who is a whirlwind of activity acting as host, chef and waiter. His passion for the restaurant is evident in the food that offers traditional healthy fare such as salads, sandwiches and fish specials, but also includes interesting twists such as Cantonese pulled pork and fried rice.

I went for dinner (They are open for breakfast and lunch as well.), and the hit of the night was the chicken and egg fried rice main course, which we shared amongst the table. Sauce uses brown rice mixed with an assortment of farmers’ market vegetables as a base.

The chicken is all white meat and char-grilled in strips, and the whole thing is topped with an over easy fried egg. The fun begins as the table gets to mix it all together and, in doing so, the heat of the rice helps finish off the cooking of the yolk and ties the dish together.

The Charleston Char Shiu Pulled Pork is another hit and an interesting take on the pulled pork sandwich. The meat is tender and flavorful, with a sweetness coming from the Chinese spice mix.

Portions are as healthy as the menu, and even though we were not planning to order dessert, our friendly waitress said all first-time customers get a free cookie. How cool is that?

The name Sauce is an interesting choice, as the plates are dressed simply, without too much sauce or fanfare. It’s simple, good quality comfort food at great prices – no dish on the regular menu is over $11.

For more information, call (310) 399-5400 or visit