She’s ginger and cayenne pepper. She’s crème brûlé and bubbles. Her name means “sky” in the literal, and she’s purple and orange. How such a sultry voice can creep out of that 23-year-old … and linger. Lord, help us.

Céu at the Roxy was a surreal experience for both the Brazilian expatriates here in Los Angeles and the expatriates from everywhere else that live in this city. She’s quirky, smooth and sexy, and her voice crosses borders across waves. She’s amazingly charming as she dances her jellyfish way out of and into each new downtempo progression.

With influences ranging from Fela Kuti to Miles Davis, from the Roots to Massive Attack, from M’shell Ndegeocello to Portishead, and Brazilian composers such as Tom Jobim, Baden Powell, Egberto Gismonti, Céu and her band can bust out what will make your mind wander atop a tropical rooftop overlooking some warm reality.

Her refreshing sound escapes through decadent words, all in Portuguese. Céu’s timelessness extends over all bounds. If you don’t love her music, you are not human.