What do you do when you’re the offspring of a performer so famous he need only be referred to as Elvis? How do you top being married to (and divorced from) Nicolas Cage and Michael Jackson? You burst out of the ring sans boxing gloves singing feisty ditties about your life experiences and opinions.

Will the sophomore release from daddy’s little girl top the gold standard CD To Whom It May Concern (2003) featuring the hit single “Lights Out”? Regardless of quality there’s potential just based on nationally televised appearances on everything from “Oprah” to late-night talk variety shows. Though adamant about promotion, Presley accepts her destiny to perform amidst all the media hype or shut up.

As co-executive producer/co-lyricist, Presley proves she’s not just a spoiled seedling of the world-famous King of Pop and respected actress from the Naked Gun movie series. She’s more tomboy than diva due to domination by her mother who stifled the glamorous life. Priscilla was influential in teaching little Lisa Marie that it’s not normal for little girls to wear mink coats in elementary school, even if your dad can afford to shower you with such gifts.

The first single, “Dirty Laundry,” a Don Henley cover, barely does justice to the overall tone of the album as a representation of premium stories and music spurted from a young lady who has lamented letting others pump her gas. From “I’ll Figure It Out” and “Thanx” to “Turned to Black,” it’s all good.

Grade: A

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