I used to like the Fray, but now they are so overplayed I immediately change the station whenever the opening lyrics of “How to Save a Life” run through my car’s stereo. With Between the Trees, a band with a similar sound in terms of vocal tones and piano accompaniment, I can rekindle my initial liking towards the previously beloved band.

Yes, Between the Trees does have a similar sound, but their album, Spain, erupts with their own personal flavor. With lyrics so honest and pure, any listener can instantly connect with the band’s personal experiences. I found myself singing along in the car, on the verge of tears, completely absorbing their emotional peaks and heartaches.

Check out “We Can Try,” “Story of a Boy” and “Changed By You.” These songs really speak to listeners, are completely relatable and pull at the heartstrings – in a good way of course.

Grade: B

Spain is currently available.