If you’ve followed my Beauty Beat from the start of summer, no doubt it’s time for some gardening down there, so let’s start with, hmm … a Brazilian! I decided to venture to the scorching hot, yet densely populated town of North Hollywood. On Lankershim Boulevard is the tiny, unassuming Strip Waxing and Lingerie Boutique.

Walk through the doors, and it’s instant relaxation. Yes, I’m still talking about waxing, but the ambiance is so inviting, and so are the owners, Jenny and Jennifer, that it’s hard to have the jitters.

One of the best things about Strip is not only its use of the European Blue Hard wax (so much better for sensitive areas), but also for the organic skin care line they use before and after your treatment. Mixed with essential oils and herbs, pain anticipation is minimal because all of the aromas calm you. And immediately after your wax, the application of soothing lotion takes away any skin irritation.

After you’re done, which will most likely be in the eight to 10 minute range, and you’re feeling your absolute best, do yourself a huge favor and check out Strip’s stunning lingerie. You owe it to yourself (and whomever you decide to grace) to prance around in up-and-coming lines like Tra La La (worn by Beyoncé). The prices are very reasonable ($20 and up).

Waxes run from about $40 to $50.

For the grand finale, there’s a nearby cupcake shop. What a day!

Strip Waxing and Lingerie Boutique is located at 5217 Lankershim Blvd., North Hollywood. For more information, visit stripnoho.com.