Octomom has become an American star for being the first woman to have eight kids at once, in addition to the six kids she already had. She thought she would become another “Jon & Kate Plus 8” with all the fame and riches, but instead, she turned into a complete nutcase in the eyes of the public – and “Octomom the Musical” doesn’t hide it.

“Octomom” seems to be a complete mockery of the fact that our culture has turned nobodies into famous stars and just continues to feed that frenzy. Everything I had expected and more about Nadya Suleman’s ideas about becoming rich from making babies was seen on the stage.

Molly McCook lived out her character of Suleman amazingly well, and the whole cast was energetic. You’ll get a great laugh at how much of a big deal our society makes of situations like Octomom’s.

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