This quintet may be from Vancouver, but if they ever wanted to move to the States, Living With Lions should apply to record for Epitaph. Make Your Mark, their latest album, shows off the band’s punk sounds. The band sounds like they’ve been influenced by the likes of Rise Against, MxPx and Rancid. And by “influenced by” what I really mean is tried “to emulate.”

The music is good, and it’s got a great popular punk (not pop-punk, mind you – think Social Distortion, instead of Sex Pistols) sound. Make Your Mark is absolutely fantastic if you think there should be more loud punk rock with driving guitars and old Offspring sensibilities. The album has a lot of good, fun songs, like “My Dilemma” and “Park It Out Back,” that will get you thrashing in the mosh pit, but don’t expect any new punk rock developments from Living With Lions.

Grade: B

Make Your Mark is currently available.