It’s fun to try new foods in the neighborhood, especially when they’re budget-friendly. Case in point, La Taquiza and their famous mulitas.

Depending on the region, there are so many different names for what the Latin communities call meat, cheese and tortillas (gorditas, pupusas), but what makes the mulita different is the types of fillings that go in between the handmade tortillas. I tried the carne asada, which was char-grilled perfectly with the crunchy outside.

The mulita comes with fresh Jack cheese and chunky guacamole inside. You can also get shrimp or pollo. I imagine the grilled shrimp and cheese combination is delicious.

Not to be mistaken as a one-item eatery, La Taquiza serves succulent Al Pastor tacos. Al Pastor is indigenous to Mexico City, where pork is marinated with herbs and spices. It is then rotated on a “spit,” just like a gyro, and usually a pineapple is placed on top for a balance of savory and sweet for your meal.

Vegetarians don’t worry, there are plenty of options for you. You can order a potato mulita (Jack cheese and potato make for a very pleasant experience.).

There are also large burritos on the menu, which you can eat the traditional way or “wet” – enchilada sauce and cheese poured over your burrito. The salsa bar is well stocked with onions, roasted jalapeños, cilantro, marinated carrots and, of course, the usual fresh salsas.

Make sure to order one of the aguas frescas to wash down all the food you consume. Flavors include watermelon, strawberry and traditional horchata.

Mmmm, I’m hungry again just writing this.

For more information, call (213) 747-4849.