Get Into College contains an incredible list of Web sites for college selection, testing and financial aid as well as a very helpful guide for writing college admissions essays. The advice from students, parents and college admissions officers on extracurriculars and doing what you’re passionate about instead of just stacking up your resume, is spot on. The book, however, fails to give advice on the subjects that most people would not necessarily know how to handle: standardized testing and financial aid.

Some of the interviewees suggest that it is best to prepare for college as early as middle school, while others believe a student can begin their college search in their junior and senior years. Some believe it is worth it to apply to a school that is not affordable even if financial aid is not granted, while others believe it is best not to bother.

Get Into College lacks a sense of direction and pointed advice. How does one choose what advice to follow? The inexperienced reader, in terms of college admissions, is left completely dumbfounded.

Grade: B

Get Into College is currently available.