Little Music, from the popular Denver-based band Dressy Bessy, is a collection of "early" material (singles from 1997-2002) that will drive you to track down all their previously-recorded indie albums with the urgency of a drug addict after the latest fix. Little Music is a refreshing find, showcasing a ‘60s style while avoiding monotony by cleverly capturing the variety within the era. Songs like "Live to Tell All" have the Austin Powers beat, evoking images of psychedelics, mini skirts, and go-go boots, while "I'm Never Wrong," "Lipstick," and "Sunny" pay homage to the bubblegum artists of the decade, encouraging head-bobbing and general good feelings. "Tidy" eerily echoes the effortless flow of the Jefferson Airplane, while "Ultra Vivid Color," "Said You Would," and "2 My Question" are harder, with more aggressive drums and sharper bass, glorifying the rock sound of the period with a smoother edge than other current garage bands. Dressy Bessy has a rare, innate energy, expressed in the harmony of the soft, melodic, unimposing vocals, backed by the pop drumbeats and fuzzy guitar. The songs seem to come together so easily and seamlessly, which is a compliment to the band's talent and clever song stylings. The lyrics are sweet and innocent——"All the Right Reasons" tells about going outside to build a snowman——with many songs dedicated to boy-girl antics in the game of love. Simple without being petty, adolescent without being frivolous, Little Music is just plain fun.

Grade: A