Age first discovered love for art: I would bring in large drawings to school that I drew at home when I was in first grade.

Influence of physical environment on your art: My paintings come from the internalization of the images I saw growing up or the feelings I had about Los Angeles and California. I really like it here, the sunny weather and the history has lent itself generously to my work. Additionally, the influence of pop culture, the sex and look of it mixed with my storylines are what create the paintings.

Formal training? Not in painting. But art was a big part of my childhood. Both my parents were interested in art. I remember every Wednesday going to the L.A. Zoo, and every Thursday going to a different museum or gallery.

Finding inspiration in other art forms: They’re a big part. We always have music going in the studio, a lot of rock ’n’ roll. Songs are stories that retain so much of a feeling because of the way it’s presented. The writing is a longer explanation of it, but it’s the same to me, and they both are refocused through my lens, but you know, combined with a few other factors.

Work in or outside of a studio: I drew a lot of the drawings the paintings came from around a friend’s pool. I get a lot of thinking done staring off into space during traffic, also. The car is probably the biggest factor, which I am not doing much of anymore. But the car is big, because of all the time you spend sitting in it, you can really feel the sun. And there are billboards everywhere, so that plays a little bit into the ad design look.

Daily routine: Usually, I wake up early, take the dog around and mail stuff off, then make some breakfast by 8 a.m. Then I’ll paint or work for five hours, then when it’s hot, I try to lie around for a bit outside, take it easy, then start up again near dinner. I’ll go until pretty late. I don’t sleep much.

Favorite medium:
I paint with house paint on wood panels, then coat them in resin – it makes them pop. However, I was just talking with my studio mates, Chris (Russell) and Seth (Armstrong), yesterday about dreams I’ve been having where I am painting 40-foot oil paintings for museums. I think I want to do that next, probably larger than 40-feet though.

Right now: Urban Outfitters’ San Francisco store, the huge one in Union Square, is selling 18 of the pieces from my forthcoming book, I Can Only Give You Everything and prints of two of the paintings.

Future plans: I want to buy a sailboat, and work on some stories I was writing. Maybe I’ll do that on the sailboat. I still have a few more pieces to finish for this project. I’m printing eight color prints of 10 of the paintings, and I plan to keep traveling.

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