When I first came across the Casualties sometime in the late ’90s, I thought that this was a British punk band I had missed during the first go-round in the early 1980s. On closer inspection, I realized they were actually contemporaries of Rancid and other second-wave hardcore bands who came on the scene circa 1989-91.

On We Are All We Have, the Casualties certainly derive a lot from the British “true punk” sounds of Peter and the Test Tube Babies, Subhumans and G.B.H., complete with Oi-style chanting and real-life leather, bristles, studs and acne. But as products of the late ’80s, there’s a generous helping of speed-metal guitar riffs and growled vocals.

The brief song “War is Business” highlights certain strengths of these songs: They’re short, fast and indignant. But if, like me, you prefer your punk rock with a dosage of art (think Double Nickels on the Dime), then this isn’t the album for you.

Grade: B-

We Are All We Have is currently available.