Menomena’s Brent Knopf bursts from the Portland scene with his phenomenal solo project Ramona Falls. Intuit is a bewildering, bedazzling little package of indie folk, sprinkled with electronic embellishments.

There’s something for everyone with just the right mixture of innocent world-wonder and jaded melancholia sprinkled throughout. Intuit opens with the wistfully sweet “Melectric” then swiftly kicks into “I Say Fever” with its longing lyrics about languished love and chorus packed with jarring distortion.

“Russia” is soft and dreamy, lost on a wave of sultry strings. On “Going Once, Going Twice,” Knopf’s masterful vocals pack a flood of emotion into subtle nooks and crannies, an art often lost on his contemporaries. The album winds down with the honeyed and haunting “Diamond Shovel.”

Grade: A+

Intuit is currently available.