Trekking through the nostalgic sludge of a Pissed Jeans record – any of them – makes it easy to miss the humorous lyrics barked out beside a thick, heavy grind of bass and grungy guitar. Read those to “I’m Sick” (off 2005’s Shallow) and then try to make out the audible component. Matt Korvette’s sounding a bit sloshy, yes?

But the Pissed Jeans live experience more than compensates, essentially transforming the band into the unabashed Matt Korvette Show, showing whoever’s playing audience what it is to front a band and what it is to bring humor rather than a self-aware need to make a statement.

Walking the line between revolting shamelessness and ironic sex appeal, Korvette hovers somewhere between Iggy Pop and Tim Harrington, a routine of shakes, swaggers, gut rolls and angst. Fuck if he can’t charge his way through a fighter of an introduction like “False Jesii Part 2” (off the brand-new King of Jeans), though the new “R-Rated Movie” makes for an awkward soundtrack to some awkwardly ... ah ... PG-13-rated dancing. It’s a pity the Troubadour didn’t fill up to see him thank us for “being respectful,” all the while moving with an appalling awareness of his body and its functions.