With a title referring to letters that are too difficult to contemplate, “Burn This” is a portrait of loss and isolation framed in a contemporary love story. The play opens in the wake of the devastating death and funeral of Robbie, the homosexual roommate of dancer-choreographer Anna.

As mutual attraction blossoms between Anna and Pale, Robbie’s lookalike older brother, the two go on an emotional rollercoaster to conquer their fear of love. The audience’s attention is fully commanded by intense and oftentimes bitter dialogue.

To ease the tense atmosphere, the issue of homosexuality is loosely interwoven in the play to provide comic relief. Larry, Anna’s other gay roommate, is a welcome distraction with his witty comments and quirky personality. However, this play ultimately aims to persuade the audience to reflect on their lives and question their values and to burn them right away.

Flight Theatre at The Complex is located at 6476 Santa Monica Blvd., Hollywood. For more information, visit burnthisplay.info.