Slow Motion Daydream, Everclear’s follow-up to 2000’s Songs From An American Movie, Volumes 1 and 2, diaries middle-class America from the perspective of lead singer and lyricist Art Alexakis. The first single, "Volvo Driving Soccer Mom," is an upbeat dose of melodic pop rock about a "wild child" girl who grows up to be a middle-class Republican "soccer mom." The lyrics are clever, but the song may be too much pop and not enough rock, especially for those Everclear fans that connected with older, harder-edged tunes from the past like "Father Of Mine."

The rest of the album is filled with more Everclear-as-usual tunes, often sung with a touch of snotty sarcasm and a dose of bitter rebellion, delivered so well by Alexakis. The lyrics have a modern maturity to them, with songs such as "The New York Times" dealing with the spiraling economy resulting from 9/11, or "Chrysanthemum," which talks about the horror of child abduction. The music in Slow Motion Daydream is solid and the rock is diverse, but the single, "Volvo Driving Soccer Mom" is not the best representation of Everclear’s talent.

Grade: B-