On his third studio album, Poetry of the Deed, English protest singer-songwriter Frank Turner plugs in, goes electric and in the process intensifies his always-fervent lyrics. On rousing anthems “Try This at Home” and the Black 47-ish, power to the people rant “Sons of Liberty” Turner shows his punk roots.

During the alt-country picaresque piece “The Road” Turner fuses Steve Earle’s declarative dictums with Soul Asylum’s Midwest melodic indie rock. Turner tries his hand at suburban angst on skittish “Richard Divine,” a tale of naive providence that surges with tenseness.

However, Turner does not turn his back on his passionate acoustic folk, exemplified by his Dylan-esque friendship sketch “Dan’s Song,” or his confessional to family and fealty, “Faithful Son.” Turner closes with poignant ballad “Journey of the Magi,” which blends a section of Christian history with one man’s vulnerable assessment to never take the easy path.

Grade: B

Poetry of the Deed is currently available.