In 2001, Lifehouse burst onto the scene with their smash hit "Hanging by a Moment." Now they’re back with their third self-titled album, with Jason Wade and Rick Woolstenhulme – collaborators and main members in a revolving lineup – serving up a slice of subtle pop fair. Most of the dripping emo songs revolve around the expected love wanted, love lost and love gone wrong.

Despite the subject, the songs have a dark, sad undercurrent. The best, "Into the Sun," showcases Wades haunting voice. One of the few exceptions is "All and All" with its semi-inspirational message to listeners to "stay strong." The songs don’t offer many surprises lyrically, such as in "Undone": "I’ll be there to catch you when you come undone." Despite lacking lyrical depth, Wade’s big voice does manage to provide emotional power.

Although Lifehouse’s latest album has a smooth pop edge, it’s still rock ’n’ roll. But be warned: This collection is not for the happy-at-heart, full of tracks that will make you want to stay in bed rather than hit the club floor.

Grade: C+

Lifehouse is currently available.