Reggie and the Full Effect is the "other" project of James Dewees, keyboardist for the Get Up Kids. His keyboard work lays a lush bed of melody for his vocal and guitar romps, but "What the Hell is a Stipulation" puts guitar up front, rocking like a Queens of the Stone Age tune.

The singer spins a 180 for "Caving," a splash of sweet radio honey (and the best vocal track on the album). Dewees then takes an educated detour through the ’80s with the synth-pop "Take Me Home, Please" and the mope-fest "Thanks for the Misery," while the one-two punch of the instrumental "Laura’s Australian Dance Party" and the techno-raver "Deathnotronic" heat up the record’s end. Dewees wraps it up by waxing sentimental with a slow number, "Playing Dead."

Members of the Get Up Kids, Coalesce and From Autumn to Ashes guest.

Grade: B+

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