Sometimes he partners with Tim Goldsworthy in DFA for production and remix work with such bands as the Rapture. Sometimes he’s on his own under the LCD Soundsystem name. Either way, James Murphy has had a hand – often plucking a funky bass line – in some of best dance-punk singles of the last few years.

On the first LCD Soundsystem full-length, Murphy pays overt homage to his progenitors: Daft Punk, Talking Heads, Brian Eno and, especially, the Fall – he appropriates Mark E. Smith’s hectoring vocal style throughout.

While the heavy, distorted keyboards of "Daft Punk Is Playing at My House" and the overdrive guitars of "Movement" thrill, Murphy saves his most original work for self-reflexive, shape-shifting epics, such as 2002’s classic "Losing My Edge" and last year’s "Yeah (Crass Version)," both of which turn up on the set’s second, singles-compilation disc. The album itself is good; the singles are fantastic.

Grade: B

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