A walk through any bookstore is oftentimes nothing more than a display of all the shallow chick-lit at our fingertips. It seems this genre is the one thing more readily available than technology, and with so many options to choose from, Lori Culwell’s Hollywood Car Wash is one to be skipped.

The story takes us from Michigan to Hollywood with Amy, a theater student turned TV starlet relishing in her big break. She develops an eating disorder, agrees to outlandish amounts of plastic surgery and becomes the toast of the town seemingly overnight, even getting Golden Globe nominations for what seems to be a “Dawson’s Creek”-esque series.

Amid the constant (and often washed up) name and label dropping, it’s hard to sympathize with Amy, or her 20-year-old gay sidekick who moves to Los Angeles with her and overnight is a successful stylist to the stars. If you’re looking for a faux-inside look at Hollywood, do yourself a favor and rent some episodes of “Entourage.”

Grade: C-

Hollywood Car Wash is currently available.