If you’re learning how to speak Spanish and you’re ready to be conversational, then this book is for you. The first 60 pages are full of the basic rules of conjugation and various tips to help you remember them, including how to deal with the ominous-sounding “McDeath expressions” (It’s only an acronym for mientras, cuando, despues, etc.!). Then each of the 601 verbs gets its own full page showing the word in every form and tense for both singular and plural usage.

Some of the verbs come with simple memorization tips – remember that corriendo means “to run” or “to race” by memorizing the phrase “don’t run in the CORRIdors.” Seventy-five of the verbs are considered “must-knows” and these are marked with giant check marks for easy identification.

There’s a special section listing commonly used tech verbs so you can learn how to say things like “double-click” and “drag-and-drop,” and there’s even a section on how to text message in Spanish. Love someone a lot? You can tell them te quiero mucho with a text of tkm. Also included is a CD-ROM that holds essential Spanish words and phrases that can be downloaded to an iPod.

Grade: A

601 Spanish Verbs is currently available.