R.S. Moore’s serio-comic debut novel, Dickfish, is aptly subtitled as a rock ’n’ roll fable, although the chief characters don designer wear, guzzle gourmet wines and only fly first class. Dickfish – named after a fictitious Washington, D.C. rock venue and set during Dubya Bush’s two terms in office – is a mock memoir of young left-wing D.C. professionals (journalist, lobbyist, political assistant, lawyer, art dealer, music club owner) with loosened lives saturated in sex, Euro-enlaced rock music and occasional drug use.

Ultimately, though, Dickfish is an account of camaraderie, kinship and an unconstrained lust for living life to its copious capacity. Dickfish is an effortless and easy read, and Moore maintains a light tone throughout the breezy book: His text teems with alliterations and metaphor-laden lyrics, and the obscure rock music allusions will keep some competing to recognize each name-checked artist.

Grade: B

Dickfish is currently available.