Today’s college coed may not have religion as one of their top priorities, considering the overwhelming abundance of drinking, sex and partying that must be crammed into four fleeting years, but Ron Kanfi’s Saint Misbehavin’ is worth a Sunday morning read-through. Kanfi brings worship to the 21st century, giving us saints to whom we can actually send our prayers.

Perhaps St. Sheila the Surprised, Patron Saint of Botox Injections, St. Coochie Galore, Our Lady of Sacred Sluts, St. Marcus the Moocher and Patron Saint of the Unemployed aren’t exactly the guides our religious leaders had in mind when they told us to look to the bible and think about what those godly men and women would do, but hey, it’s a start, right? So when mom and dad wonder why you’re wasting your time (and their cash) away doing seemingly nothing, just tell them you’re taking a queue from St. Mary Juana (self-explanatory) and St. Chargeus Maxima, St. of Credit Card Debt, and they’ll see the light.

Grade: B

Saint Misbehavin’ is currently available.