Just call her Lady Love. This is LeToya’s second solo album, and it is pretty darn good to say the least.

Lady Love features 15 tunes, three with special guests. The most prominent is “Regret” featuring Ludacris, who solidifies the passionate vibe of the song.

However, the first single of the CD is “Not Anymore.” Written by Ne-Yo, the sure-fire hit talks about a girl escaping the catastrophic relationship she’s in with her unfaithful boyfriend as she longs to be free.

The second single is “She Ain’t Got….” One could classify this as the upbeat ditty of the album, particularly because of the method in which the lyrics are sung and the instrumentation supporting it. “She Ain’t Got…” contains that provocative rhythm that gets it bumped on the dance floors. “Lazy” is another track that deserves much attention.

LeToya, who was part of universally known Destiny’s Child and is now 28, does an extraordinary job at portraying topics regarding love, hope, fidelity and defiance on Lady Love.

Grade: A

Lady Love is currently available.