Desks don’t generally make good beds. Even if you have a hard dorm bed or a hand-me-down, lumpy futon, it is usually more comfortable and better for your grades than passing out in class.

Considering how much you are paying for rent and tuition, maybe it’s time to become reacquainted with the joys of sleeping in a bed again. Here are a few gadgets that can help you get your z’s at home instead of at your desk.

SleepTracker ( If you find yourself waking up with a jolt to a blaring alarm clock only to drag yourself half-awake through the day, you may want to consider the SleepTracker. This sleep-studying device may look like an ordinary digital watch, but it actually uses sensors to track your sleep cycles.

Just reading the manual of this wrist doctor will give you an education on sleep cycles, but the bottom line is that it can track how much restful sleep you get. Best of all, the alarm on this watch tracks your sleep cycle to wake you when your sleep is the shallowest, meaning that you will wake up more refreshed than just having an alarm blaring in your ear at any given time.

iTalk Alarm Clock: As the name implies, the iTalk Alarm Clock can actually talk and listen to you. By saying the trigger phrase “Hello iTalk,” the clock will talk you through setting the time and the alarm with just your voice. You can even ask iTalk to tell you the time if reading the giant, two-inch tall red numerical display is too much of a hassle.

The only real danger of the iTalk is that you can tell it to snooze when the alarm goes off, but the loud, clear alarm should either wake you or a neighbor who will be happy to yell until you wake up!