Eprhyme was once a member of the Olympia, Wash.-based hip-hop act Saints of Everyday Failures, but he’s since moved on to the East Coast and Brooklyn, where he’s more likely to be found hanging out with the likes of Matisyahu. The two have something in common; they’re both of Jewish heritage, and they both reflect their culture in their lyrics and with nods to traditional Middle Eastern sounds.

Eprhyme fancies Klezmer music in particular, a sensual dance music that usually features clarinet as the lead instrument, and he uses the style prominently here on the somewhat nerdy “Punklezmerap” and as a subtle melodic foil for the streetwise rhythms of “Where the Heart Is.”

Eprhyme is also known as an activist, so he’s not afraid to tell it like it is lyrically. There is definitely a message here if you’re open to it, but there are plenty of beats and fun rhythms to keep you otherwise occupied if you’re not.

Grade: B

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