Everyone knows that nowadays, indie movies look more like hipster soundtracks designed to accompany the director’s home movie slideshow of walks down tree-lined streets than real movies with compelling plotlines. And yet the film always gets all the buzz.

But now there’s a new innovation in music. British band One eskimO presents its debut album, a record of music that can stand alone, but is meant to be accompanied by animation presented in installments over 10 weeks (purchased separately). Unlike indie films, the album can stand on its own, and with overarching human themes like love and success, it does.

Filled with sleepy, magical lyrics, listening to the self-titled album feels like being transported into another world. Tracks like “Hometime” and “Chosen One” are both powerful and ethereal, while “Kandi” and “Givin Up” are soulful and heavy with emotion. All of them will stick with you all day. Oh, yeah, and the animation’s cute, too.

Grade: A

One eskimO is currently available.