OK, I totally know what you’re thinking: That name’s either really stupid or just really unfortunate. But it’s been proven time and time again that you can’t judge a band by its name alone, and Sissy Wish is no exception. With her new album, Beauties Never Die, this Norwegian songstress may well have the best new thing to impress your friends with.

If Santigold were Björk, you’d have Sissy Wish to a T. She’s got great, upbeat songs that work for both that indie dinner party you’ve been thinking about throwing and dancing with a hairbrush mic in front of your mirror.

Be sure to check out “Yayaya” (yes, the lyrics are a bit silly, but stick with it!), “Dependence” and “Book” for some awesome tuneage. But I’d have to say skip “Music on the Radio” – it’s a little too ’70s folk rock to really fit with the rest of the album.

Grade: B+

Beauties Never Die is currently available.