Soon to be re-released as an Adam Sandler film, this original version stars Burt Reynolds as a football legend whose unique perspective on authority figures finds him looking at a long jail sentence. There, he’s asked to assemble a team of convicts to serve as fodder for a semi-pro team full of prison guards. Amazingly, it doesn’t go as smoothly as the warden would have liked.

The Longest Yard is a football movie first and foremost – Bad News Bears with felons, essentially – but it possesses more style and wit than you might initially expect. Reynolds is excellent, and his fellow felons and guards are certainly an interesting bunch. And bloody, penalty-free football action? Yeah, you get plenty of that. Think Any Given Sunday with sideburns.

Extras: Commentary with Reynolds and writer/producer Albert Ruddy, two behind-the-scenes features, remake preview.

DVD Grade: B

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The Longest Yard: Lockdown Edition is currently available.