No matter what your design style is, there is always one element that you can add to the most cluttered apartment or the most minimalist dorm room that will enhance the décor: music. Whether you have your musical style honed to perfection or you are enjoying the new world of music that college life offers, you are going to need a decent system to deliver your musical touch to the room.

The iHome iP41 ( may not have the most memorable name, but the design more than makes up for it. This iPod cradle speaker adds some serious acoustic power to your MP3 player, plus the sleek L-shaped design works with the shape of the iPod Touch or iPhone to add a visually intriguing element to the speakers.

The truly inspired part of the design is that the display recognizes orientation and adjusts the clock display, allowing you to watch videos in landscape mode without losing the visual appeal. The built-in alarm, that fades in music or video from your Now Playing list, also adds a more peaceful, enjoyable way to wake up in the morning.

If musical exploration is more your style, consider the Livio Radio ( This radio unit features internal Wi-Fi, allowing it to easily connect to Internet radio and Pandora without using a computer.

Existing Pandora users can easily import their self-made radio stations while users who have never tried the Internet-based music matching service can use the Thumbs Up/Down buttons on the Livio remote to fine-tune their own Pandora listening experience. The selection of Internet radio stations is also quite expansive and offers a variety of search options, making it easy for metal fans to discover a variety of stations or for exchange students to find their favorite hometown radio stations. The simple-yet-sleek Livio design also adds a pleasant visual for the crystal clear audio.