Watch me date myself now. I can totally remember when I found out about punk rock. I had a phase. I picked up Punk-O-Rama 7 and fell in love. So it’s great to hear Strung Out making a new album full of that same early 2000 skater punk I remember from high school.

And Agents of the Underground is good. It’s the same old Strung Out that you remember. Raw vocals, searing lyrics and fast metal-infused guitar licks abound.

Be sure to check out “Dead Spaces” for the sick guitar riff and the title track for that familiar, throat rending screaming and a goose bump-inducing cadence.

Every song on the album has the kind of energy that inspires mosh pits and only serves to prove this Simi Valley band’s still got what it takes to get you out of your seat and dance. Call it hardcore, call it skater punk, it doesn’t matter, Strung Out still sounds like liquid awesome.

Grade: A

Agents of the Underground is currently available.