As the first notes of “Runaway” were whispered from the piano’s keys, a white curtain hid the three members of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and the crowd waited with baited breath until Karen O., Nick Zinner and Brian Chase were revealed.

It was evident by the lack of the super long mic cord that would normally be twisted around every limb of O’s body, her four costume changes and the inclusion of slower, more melodic tunes from their latest, It’s Blitz! – “Skeletons,” “Soft Shock” and “Hysteric” – that this was an evolved, even more artsy YYYs.

Nevertheless, new hits “Heads Will Roll” and “Zero,” along with the older “Phenomena,” “Cheated Hearts,” “Y Control” and “Date with the Night” definitely got fans moving. And everyone was moved emotionally when Zinner pulled out his acoustic for a beautiful rendition of “Maps.”