A unique moniker inevitably generates conflicting public opinions – while some give their kudos, others become offended. Such a situation currently faces Portland’s controversially-named band Starfucker.

The multi-instrumentalist lineup – consisting of Josh Hodges (vocals, keyboards, guitar), Ryan Biornstad (vocals, turntables, keyboards, guitar), Shawn Glassford (bass, keyboards) and Keil Corcoran (drums) – has enjoyed considerable success since their inception in 2007. With a dance-y, ’80s electro pop influence blended with percussion and everyday sounds, their 2008 self-titled debut album was featured on iTunes Indie Spotlight, and the song “German Love” earned a spot on eMusic Daily Download’s all-time downloaded songs. An eight-song mini-album, Jupiter, composed of the band’s earlier tracks and several new songs, such as “PlayMedicine” and “PlayBoy Toy” is also currently available.

“People seem to like our music, they can have fun with it,” Hodges says.

The band’s fun factor can fully be experienced by attending their live shows. Having previously donned ’80s era Brooklyn hip-hop style, electro clash and drag costumes, the foursome always successfully bring full-bodied fun and unpredictable spectacles.

Currently on tour, Hodges says the audience should expect new music and surprises.

Starfucker’s promising future is, however, clouded by their band name.

“We have run into roadblocks with this name,” Hodges says.

So far, the band has missed out on three opening act opportunities because management of other bands felt their name was not appropriate. Many skeptical parents have also been reluctant to let their children watch their shows.

The name came about while Hodges was doing a fun, house-show project, and since the band has gone professional, they “don’t feel like the name makes sense anymore.” While they are still considering a few options, a leading contender is ‘Teen Challenge.’ Besides referencing a thrift store in their Portland, Ore. home base, Hodges thinks the name is “goofy, but not stupid.”

Starfucker will perform Oct. 6 at the Echo. For more information, visit myspace.com/starfuckerss.