Gabin's eponymous debut effortlessly glides between groovy French disco and the kind of New Age-influenced lounge heard on comps like Ultra Chilled. The sophisticated Italian duo's big claim to fame is yet another car commercial-friendly track. "Doo Uap, Doo Uap, Doo Uap" nicks the vocal line from a Duke Ellington classic and marries it to a swingin’ house beat. The result is a surprisingly catchy jingle, rather than a played-out cliche.

These days, the afterparty is more important than what happens at the party. Gabin is part of a group of electronic-based club musicians resisting the stolid formula of the trance and house that has dominated the dance floors. Sultry house grooves are interwoven with haunting ambience. Each track is created with craftsmanship and depth, creating a tranquil escapist soundtrack for a rainy Sunday hangover.

Gabin's debut is worth seeking out for those already sold on groups like Royksopp and chill music, or for those just looking for an escape from Friday evening gridlock. Grade: B+