Everyone has that thing that you’re passionate about. The thing that you know everything about. That thing can make or break your day.

For me, that thing is undoubtedly churros. That crispy, crunchy inside; that warm, doughy, inside; and, oh, that genius mixture of cinnamon and sugar! So simple, yet so delicious, it’s almost poetic. What? No, I’m serious! All right, fine, I’m a cheap date.

Of course, this does put a lot of pressure on one small, sugary snack, but time after time, when it’s done right, the churro delivers. Of course, there are those times when they’re subpar, and yet even when they’re so overdone, they’re inedibly crunchy, there’s still that delicious cinnamon sugar to ease the pain.

Now, there’s also the less common European style of churro. Across the pond, they tend to call it a donut. It’s still the same, fluffy fried dough base, and while you can get it rolled in cinnamon sugar, they like to add a nice shot of cold filling to the center. Whether it’s chocolate pudding or strawberry preserves, the Europeans know how to get the balance between the hot dough and the cold filling just right. Sure it’s a little more complicated, but you still get an exquisite dessert.

Meanwhile, back on our home turf, there’s a new addition to the world of the churro: Xooro (xooro.com). This “gourmet fritter” restaurant has been around since 2008 and it serves up premium churros. You might not have heard much about it, but it’s gained so much attention since its opening, it’s already expanding from its original Santa Monica () location with a second shop on Melrose (). With innovative flavor combinations like mango, maple bacon and tiramisu “fritters,” that makes a lot of sense. (Side note: This place also has the most epic Web site I’ve ever seen. Tell me you didn’t start trying to Paso Doble.)

I tried their raspberry churro, which had regular churro dough and white chocolate with sprinkles. My companion ordered a dulce de leche churro. And for you?