MOXI is a band of men who are following Charles Bukowski’s vision of toughness and chutzpah. The quartet has united throughout the greater Los Angeles area by performing at venues in Venice, the Knitting Factory, House of Blues and on the Cal State Northridge campus to bring people together to experience the power of musical osmosis. Each time they walk onto the stage they expect nothing more than what they will give you – the performance of a lifetime that will have people chanting MOXI for days to come.

The band became an established figure in the CSUN community as part of the Sigma Chi Fraternity. You cannot exist in this community without knowing who MOXI is.

“It’s a balance of out of the box and accessibility that is harder to maintain, but if you believe in it, a good product will emerge,” says bass player Brandon Grna.

Any of its members can sit back and tell you about the good old days when they had their own studio time with people trying to change their image, but that was the moment they realized they wanted to make music for fun and because they love the energy they get as they walk onto a stage to perform.

On Oct. 8, MOXI will be rocking out at 8 p.m. at the Cal State Northridge campus. All are welcome to experience a musical experience that will change your life for years to come.

MOXI will perform Oct. 8 at CSUN’s USU Games Room and Oct. 25 at the Whisky A Go Go. For more information, visit