AM and his unassuming band mates took to the stage, kicking off with an aural tidal wave of funk, comprised of your traditional Spaceland fare but also bongos, varied percussion, organ and even a trumpet. He commanded the venue from the moment they began to play, with a certain confidence completely devoid of arrogance. From this raucous intro, he launched into “It’s Been So Long,” a graceful and haunting rainy-day pop song.

AM does classic pop with an authenticity that might allow his lush songs to nestle neatly alongside the lineup of a K-Tel Classics compilation. His songs are ultimately timeless.

“Self Preservation” was jangly perfection, the kind of song that begs for unison handclaps from the crowd. Numbers like this, and the soft, wistful gem “Leavenworth” that followed, highlighted the songwriting prowess that AM displays on his latest, Future Sons and Daughters.

“A Complete Unknown” was another impossibly catchy number. “Grand Opinion” was a bit cheesy, but AM quickly redeemed himself by whipping out the ukulele for the evening’s final selection, “The Other Side,” without a doubt his finest offering and the perfect conclusion to a truly captivating performance.