Whether or not it’s the scope of the land or the years of tradition, there’s something pleasingly different about bands that come from the UK. The novelty is a factor, but look at the impact and longevity of American bands versus the guys across the pond.

To help shed some light on the issue, I got on the phone with English singer/bassist Lemmy Kilmister of Motörhead. Klimster formed Motörhead in 1975 and has put out over 19 studio albums, giving way to 20 hit singles.

So you’ve got another tour going?

Yeah, with the Reverend Horton Heat, Nashville Pussy and the Chelsea Girls.

Great lineup. Not like the other bands on tour out there right now.

We’re better. Ha! We are. We rank over any manufactured band. They don’t work for it. They last a year and then break up – get all wasted on dope and fall apart.

They aren’t in it for the right reasons?

It ends up being the worst time of their lives. They aren’t physically able to do it.

They don’t write about the same things that you do, either.

I write a lot about war. It’s always going on, so there’s always something to write about. And justice. Don’t send these kids off to war. Send Dick Cheney out there with a fuckin’ sword. Fight your own battles.

So, does that mean we’ll see some pyro on stage with you to hit the point home?

Hell no. Pyro takes away from bands. What you get with us is the real thing.

The Chelsea Girls are an amazing cover band. Will they be doing any original songs this time out?

Yes, they are an excellent group. You have Tuesdae on vocals, Corey Parks from Nashville Pussy on bass, Allison [Robertson] from the Donnas on guitar and Samantha [Maloney] on drums. And ya know the Beatles were a cover band when they started out. Play the songs that inspire you.

Do you think Americans are less inspired than Brits?

Ha! Well, in America they just put it out. They don’t support it. One big push, and that’s it. Europeans are more cynical. We don’t just jump into something new and shiny. It’s a longer haul when you promote an album, so you better be inspired. We’ve been doing our way of life for over 2,000 years, you guys have only been a country for 200. We need them to prove it to us. That’s why there’s so few of us, but we last.

What do you think of the Internet?

The Internet is the greatest communication gift that is misused. People haven’t realized how to properly use it yet and really get paid. It’s just starting. These bands need to wake up and take advantage of this thing before it’s gone. It won’t last like this forever. When I started out you had to use the label. Now you don’t need shit.

Wonder what that will do to ticket prices?

There are a lot of greedy people out there. The ticket prices are insane. The bands are greedy, too. I don’t need much. We go out, play our music and have a good time.

Motörhead will perform Oct. 9 at Club Nokia. For more information, visit iMotorhead.com.