On stage, her voice captivates the audience. Her presence is as powerful and calming as a warrior goddess. She moves like a siren with her arms open and her head up as she harnesses the energy of souls of the past.

She was given the name N’dambi when she was chosen to deliver the truth; her deep vocal timbre channels emotions that inspire us to connect with our innermost secrets, those that must cripple our soul in order to drive us past the challenges that we face in every step of our lives. She does this by opening her chest and exposing her innermost complex workings, the things that have given her strength and have made her a trobairitz.

“My inspiration to make music has always been to give a voice to something that people think but may not know how to say in words, or to evoke a feeling people want to feel,” N’dambi says.

With her third domestic release, Pink Elephant, N’dambi has joined forces with Stax Records, the home of classic soul music that changed the face of the music industry in the early to mid ’60s. Recorded in Santa Monica with producer Leon Sylvers III, Pink Elephant tackles the raw circumstances that one has to face when dealing with matters of the heart.

To expose oneself in this manner takes courage, one must have a brave heart to be able to peel back the scar tissue and expose all the wounds to the elements. With a keen eye, N’dambi watches and observers the environment in order to make connections with listeners as she tells stories about life and love. Without fear, this powerful heroin marches forward through her odyssey providing the score for her journey as well as ours.

Pink Elephant is current available. N’dambi will be at Amoeba Records Oct. 9. For more information, visit myspace.com/ndambi.