Fans of Ben Lee’s brand of thoughtfully honest acoustic style won’t be disappointed by his latest release Awake is the New Sleep. The record, which is fueled by both his recent breakup with Claire Danes and his discovery of Taoism, reveals a more introspective artist than his last release, Hey You, Yes You.

The songs on Awake are more organic but just as catchy. The disc seems to be custom built for someone going through a harsh breakup, tracing the ambivalence of a young man who is both fighting to get over a longtime lover and trying to come to terms with being single again in the city.

Idealistic cuts such as “Gamble Everything for Love” are offset by the melancholy “Ache for You.” On the head-bopping sing-along “Catch My Disease,” Lee slips the listener a taste of his own version of acceptance, asking them to agree (“… and that’s the way I like it”) with everything from mixed drinks to substandard pop on the radio. The disc is solid and listeners will find the entire album stuck in their heads as well as in their CD player. Despite its quality, Lee’s latest album won’t likely land him a spot in the Top 40, but hey, that’s the way I like it.

Grade: A

Awake is the New Sleep is currently available.