It’s always tentative when a band releases their first major label album. Are they going to sound the same or will they sell out just to get the exposure? Well, rest assured, Vedera frontwoman Kristen May’s vocals are still delicate and dreamy (think Sixpence None the Richer) and strong and resonant in turns, and the music still deals with the trials of love and heartbreak.

The album as a whole is a showcase of what pop rock should sound like. From opening track “Greater Than” the songs meld seamlessly into one another without sounding like the same song.

Watch out for the sweet guitar strumming bridges and don’t miss May’s amazing vocals ending the album with “We Sing.” My only problem is that, on the whole, the band may sound a little too Vanessa Carlton, sans piano, on Stages. It’s a little too bubble gum rock for my taste.